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Body - building

Outcomes of course: 

Students will realize their potential in the chosen sport creating a positive attitude towards physical activities; compensation for unilateral sedentary activity, muscle imbalances and harmonic physical development. The objective of tuition in the course of fitness training is to maintain and improve the physical condition, master the correct principles of fitness exercises, development of strength and stamina.

Clean sport shoes, appropriate clothing, towel, water bidon. Gloves are recommended.

Recommended optional components of the program (+ course, life-long learning, block tuition – only if offered by the respective sport:

Circular fitness training - exercises at sites in time intervals; independent sport offered in the semester menu.

Lifelong Learning Courses - Instructor of fitness training, Stretching diploma

Leisure time activities - all–year-round access to the fitness gym within a designated time (VCA), including examination sessions and holidays. These activities are charged.

Sport events according to the current offer in the Calendar of events at

Course contents (annotation):                

Teaching fitness is aimed at promotion and development of health both for men and women. It supports their motoric literacy by revelation and remedy of improper motoric stereotypes, correct posture, getting to know the functions of the human body and the formation of exercises supply. Emphasis is placed not only on proper technical mastering of fitness exercises, but also on a quality warming and warm-up (to prepare the organism for the load) and efficient mastering of stretching during and after exercising.

The courses in winter and summer semesters have the same curriculum; ERASMUS fitness training - special lessons for foreign students in English. 

Planned educational activities and teaching methods:   

Students practise individually according to their individual schedules in the form of practical exercises, have consultations with teachers according to their semester schedule.

Method and criteria of assessment:

Credits - active participation in the lessons, registration of attendance in the attendance sheets. Two unexcused absences are allowed.

Course curriculum:

Students of fitness training course have the opportunity during the semester to use consulting and advisory services of this teaching plan:

Safety precautions, introductory information to acquaint students with a fitness gym, recommended training schedules; conditions for granting credits

  1. Abdominal muscles Part 1
  2. Cardio-zone
  3. Abdominal muscles Part 2
  4. Dorsal muscles - upper part
  5. Dorsal muscles - lower part
  6. Pectoral muscles
  7. Shoulder muscles  
  8. Upper limbs
  9. Gluteal muscles
  10. Lower limbs 1
  11. Lower limbs 2
  12. Exercise lesson; credits



Compensation for unilateral sedentary job with the aim to influence the physical fitness and motoric performance of BUT students, mastering the correct principles of fitness exercises, development of strength, stamina, compensation for muscle imbalances, harmonic physical development.


Definition of controlled tuition and the way of its implementation and forms of compensation for absences:

Lessons are held once a week; 13 teaching weeks in the semester; length of exercise lesson is 60 minutes. Missed lessons can be compensated after the agreement with the respective teacher and only in the teacher's lessons.

Check of equipment (clean sport shoes, appropriate clothing, towel, water bidon) and compliance with organizational regulations of the fitness gym (e.g. leaving of backpacks and bidons at defined locations, ban to exercise with headphones, ban to use the cell phones, ban to move the machines and their components,  commented exercises, assisted exercises)


Supervisor / Teacher / Tutor:

Mgr. Jan Šťastný



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