Licence courses


CESA BUT is an educational institution with accreditation MŠMT ČR (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic) reference: 063/2014-50-A of the 24th September 2014 in Sport proficiency with a licence which allows to get a trade certificate. The extent of licence courses is 150 hours of theoretical instruction and practical training.

A licence, which will be given after successful completion of this course, entitles to obtaining a trade certificate for proficiency in these fields:

Fitness body building instructor

BODY&MIND instructor

Skiing instructor

Snowboard instructor

Aerobic instructor

Aqua - fitness instructor



CESA prepare diploma courses. Look at the offer of the year in calendar website.


Education is for BUT students and general public. Education is aimed at sport support by means of the preparation of competent and skilled specialists – instructors of physical activities who insist on a healthy life style and active way of life.

More information and inspiration can be found also on: seminars, conferences and workshops which are organized by CESA.