Registration to Physical education and sport





Physical Education can be attended by students of all the years of full-time study at Brno University of Technology (bachelor, master´s and doctoral studies). Their registration is electronic according to their interests and free time always in the 1st study week of each semester on:

  •          Chosen sports are registered by students and calling off lessons which have been enrolled electronically is possible only during opening of module for enrolment
  •          Students find the cards of 76 sports in IS including specialized lessons taught in English for foreign students
  •          Registration for lessons right at the sports facilities is not possible. You can register only lessons of leisure time physical activities (VČA).
  •          Special regime has sports representation BUT and long term academic league.

o   Lessons marked V – students register in the first lesson.

o   Academic league   -  students register according instructions in propositions

                           and at the very latest during  

                                    information meeting with the draw.


For your enrolment you need BUT login and BUT password. If you do not know them, follow the instructions of this site:


  • Module of enrolment for semestral classes of 76 sports (each has its card of subject in IS) will be opened from 3rd February (12.00 a.m.) to 11th February (12.00 p.m.).
  • On the basis of the paragraph n. 6 of BUT Study and Examination code is the subject Physical Education ended with the credit. Credit demands are defined on the subject card of the relevant sport (usually attendance with two permitted absences + active attendance in lessons). Apologies of absences (health or study reasons) must be sent to teachers only by emails in advance or at the very latest the next day. Ending of the subject for the health reasons only on the basis of the medical report. You can see as well possibilities of compensation of mangue lessons on the subject card.
  • Classes according to semestral schedule for the winter semester start on 6th February (if there is not another date on the subject card).
  • Online registered Physical Education lessons are not transferable and students must prove their identity before the lesson with the student valid card (valid mark).
  • Information of your registered sports are available in IS or  in “My sports Moje sporty”




  • First of all you need all the information for the enrolment of the facultative subject Physical Education on: and in up-to-date offer of facultative subjects in Faculty IS and according to them you should proceed. Schedules can be seen from 1st September on:
  • Offer of physical activities is very wide-ranging and satisfies a lot of students. 76 specializations represent 11000 places for students.


In Schedule lessons the sports performance is distinguished:

R, K – recreationally conditional lessons without distinguishing of performance

Z      – beginners with intensive practice

MP    -  slightly advanced

P      – intermediate with improving practice

V     – sports selection and university team

S     – remedial exercises, relaxation and regeneration


  • For enrolment of PE you must be registered in studis. Obtain your data for enrolment in time. You can try your enrolment on
  • Registration system is available always in the 1st study week of each semester.         

Students are entitled to 2 electronic registrations in each semester during their study. It means 2 Physical education lessons a week in sports facilities of University are free of charge. If student want more lessons of physical activities, they can use the offer of paid free time activities (VČA).

  • Students have to call off their registrations in IS if they are not more interested in registered lessons of a facultative subject or schedule overlap does not allow to attend them PE lessons, to relieve their places to other interested students.
  • LOOK OUT!  It is not possible registration in semestral classes right at sports fields.
  • Registered students are given credit in credit week at the end of each semester (two unexcused absences are allowed, written apology to teachers or sports guarantors.
  • At the same time you have to study Instructions for payment and follow them:

o   Two Physical Education lessons at University facilities are free of charge

o   Activities outside BUT facilities are paid partly by students




  • Calling lessons which have been enrolled electronically off is possible only during opening of module for enrolment, it means in the 1st study week of each semester. Take advantage of the possibility of calling off in time and give up your place to other students.


  • Cancellation and calling off sports which have been registered and already paid including underpayment and overpayment students can arrange only at the CESA headmastership Technická 2896/2, FSI area after presentation your student card by the end of the 4th week of semestral teaching at the latest.Mrs. Špinková deals with these affairs at the CESA headmastership during office hours.

Giving the payment paid by bank transfer back is possible only on scholarship account given in IS and certificated by student affairs department of the appropriate faculty.

  • Cancellation of attendance in PE lessons during semester is possible at CESA headmaster with university email (reason + medical report in case of injury, long term illness etc.)



Students who have not been successful with electronic registration can use the offer of paid free time activities. (VČA).


  • Attendance of lessons of study (in addition to electronic or full-time enrolment) is possible as well during the semester if the lessons are not filled to their capacity. The teacher always decides for students´ joining the lesson program. If the capacity of the sports field is enough, students can pay the charge according to up-to-date price list.(season ticket VČA for 10+1 or 30+1 admissions is valid or individual admission is paid).


Students can use high-quality professional services CESA and wide offer of courses of lifelong education during their study.