Representation of BUT and University sport

University sport

BUT cooperates in system of University sports events in the Czech Republic (SPVŠ). Guarantor of university sport is  Czech Sport University Association (ČAUS).

Students who are good sportsmen can represent BUT in national or international university events. A lot of events as a Czech university championships, Czech university games, University Championships of European Universities (EUSA), University Championships of World (AMS) and World University Games (summer, winter) in nearly 50 sports are organized for students every year.

CESA tries to create for students – sportmen good conditions for practicing and taking part in the university events in the Czech Republic or abroad.

CESA has an interest to create BUT sport representation teams of high quality for games and sports too. For creating of strong teams for single sports and games we need the high performance level sportsmen registration (registration of sportsmen)  and they should contact sports and games guarantorsas soon as possible. To keep all the sportsmen on file and actualization is very important every year for quick communication and work with teams.

Head guarantor of BUT sports representation at CESA is the head of department RNDr. Hana Lepkova. For management of this work Mgr. Teresa Píšová is responsible (


Sports reprezentation of BUT

BUT can be represented at university sports events only by students of regular or combined studies (bachelor, master or doctoral). For university sports events students must be nominated by their University only. CESA does this work for BUT students. CESA also confirmed dispatching students for international events.

What advance can students who represent BUT at university events have?

  •          For students who take part in University events - financial contribution for transport, accommodation and diet
  •          Extraordinary non-recurring sport scholarship for medallist of national or international university events, who take part in the survey  Sportsman of the year.
  •          Season ticket “Sport representation” for using chosen services of CESA free of charge or paid services with 50 % reduce.

Registration of Sportsmen

Registration is possible all the year round.

  •          Are you a student of regular or combined studies at BUT?
  •          Do you want to represent BUT at university events?

If you answered twice YES, contact please the guarantor of your sport.

Registration is needed for creating a file of sportsmen, teams for university events and management of extra sport scholarship.

Registered sportsmen will be informed on time about dates of tournaments, competitions or common exercises with the help of theirs e-mail address.


The guarantors of sports are responsible for representation teams of BUT and its training for university events. Guarantors also have the contact to the ČAUS committee, Brno university sport and management of CESA.

If you do not find your sport in a list of sports, contact Mgr. Tereza Píšová.


 The sense of recruitment trainings is to choose good athletes for BUT teams and provide for them a preparation of high quality for university events. The recruitment and enrolment to the chosen sports specialization only during firsttwo weeks of semester.


University tournaments and competitions

On the web sites of ČAUS new information, proposition and results about all university events – national or internationalare regularly displayed.

For all the university events which belong to the system of university championship only BUT can enter student’s name for a competition. The University confirms nominative Czech academic sportsmen who will represent our country at international competitions.


BUT  Athlete of the Year

CESA in association with the management of BUT organizes the competition for the best athlete – studentevery year. Every regular students of BUT who during the calendar year:

  •          Won medal in national university events
  •          was placed very well in national or international events
  •          Became the Czech record holder or demonstrated another kind of extra sport performance

Presentation ceremony of the best athletes is organized at the end of year in attendance of the highest representatives BUT and single faculties. Excellent performance of athletes – students are awarded by extra scholarships and year – round free of charge entry in the CESA sports field for condition training.

  •          Athlete of the Year will be opened every year at the beginning of September.
  •          Deadline of applications is 31st October.
  •          The committee starts evaluation 10 days after deadline
  •          The date of  Athlete of the Year announcement will be displayed on the CESA web site.