Safety and health instructions





Instructions of safety, health, property and fire protection are valid for lessons of BUT students in facultative subject Physical Education and for public using PE services in theThe Program of leisure time recreational and sports activities (VČA).


All the visitors(students, public) of the BUT sports facilities must:


1. know and respect regulations of service instructions and  tables of organization of particular

    BUT sports fields; ( and notice boards at

    sports complex);

2. follow these Safety and health instructions at sports facilities;

3. obey instructions of duty people and heads of lessons (desk clerks, teachers, trainers);

            a. before the beginning of sports activities in every semester students have to participate in

               training about safety rules, instructions of health, property and fire protection and also 

               about accident prevention, the rules of teaching process and specific requirements for

               chosen sports specialization;

               Students must countersign and confirm that they were informed of all the instructions and

               rules, they understand them and that they will follow and keep them; injuries during

               lessons relate to school injury regulations;

            b. public going in for sports activities in commercial lessons marked in the The Program of

               leisure time recreational and sports activities (VČA)schedule does sports activities at their  

               peril; before the first lesson owners of season tickets countersign and confirm that they

               were  informed of safety and health rules and instructions at CESA BUT sports facilities;

           c. all the sportsmen are recommended to be examined by their doctors once a year;




- park only at reserved car parks;

- leave and lock your bicycles at designated racks and places;

- keep the corridors, open spaces, sanitary facilities, classrooms and sports fields clean and tidy;

- move in the area of the building behind the reception and dressing rooms only after changing

  your shoes;

  •          your outdoor shoes must be put away into shoe cupboards near the receptions;
  •          lockers can be used for your personal property
  •          outerwear can be left in the dressing rooms which are used as changing rooms – they are passing; your very valuable items can be put at the receptions; putting your bags or rucksacks away at the sports fields depends on your teacher´s instructions;

- follow instructions of your teachers, trainers oremployees; students are allowed to go into the

  sports fields only with their teachers; only one person is not allowed to do exercises at all the

  sports halls; the minimal number of people doing physical exercise is two at the sports hall or

  specialized classroom;

- students must prove their identity with the validation mark (BUT students); in commercial lessons

  which are marked VČA (The Program of leisure time recreational and sports activities), sportsmen

 prove with their currant registration (season tickets, etc.), your place can be booked on-line system; 

  selling of season tickets and individual payment at the reception (continuous service);

- Students must inform their head of the lesson or sports activitiesimmediately in any case of health

  damage or injury,  after finding out or causing the damage and call duty person´s attention to

 breaking Operation rules, Table of organisation of particular sports fields and Instructions of  safety and health.




- during exercising sporstmen use only suitable sportwear and clear trainers; students are

  not allowed to use slippers or to be barefoot;

- if you use sports facility, you must use your towel and cover the surface because of hygienic

  reasons or you can rent a towel at the reception;

- bottles of water must be put in designated places;

- students are not allowed to use headphones because of safety reasons during lessons

  (bodybuilding gym, fitness centre or inline track)!!!; exercising with music only in specialized

  halls: gymnastic halls, martial arts – group exercising, indoorcycling, H.E.A.T. program

- valuable items (rings, chains, money, papers etc.) are put in designated places according to the

  instructions of the teachers; notebooks can be safed at the reception;

- Manipulation of equipment and exercises is possible only under supervision of the teachers or

  the staff responsible for it (boards, goals, racks, TRX etc.)

- exercising in specialized classrooms must be headed professionally by teachers or trainers

  (indoorcycling, indoor rowing, H.E.A.T. program, TRX, redcord etc.)

- it is necessary to do individual exercise technically perfect and always with spotting-assistance

  (exercising in pairs)!!!; unskilled exerciser can ask teachers or instructors for advice;


  •          exercisers must use only weight, bars, collars prepared on stands; any moving of equipment and apparatuses is banned;


  •          after ending exercising you have to put all discs and weights in designated places;


  •          during exercising you can use magnesium but it is necessary to minimize its dustiness and to ask teachers first;


  •          before exercising each exerciser must verify the right setting of stationary bicycle and tightening of arresting device;


  •          after ending exercising each exerciser must use disinfection solution and paper cloth to clean

            seats and handles; loosen arresting device;


- regular ventilation during operation and also during technical break is arranged by technical

  employees incoordination with teachers (weight room, gyms Purkynova);

- intensity of lighting is set in accordance with technical employees (SA PPV – grass of 3rd

  generation, hall);

- breaking the rules and instruction means ordering exercisers out by teachers or instructors

  without compensation.


On …............................... I was enlightened on exerciser´s rights and obligations in sports facilities of CESA BUT, above mentioned instructions.

I countersign acceptance of above mentioned text; I understand it completely, respect contents

and I follow given instructions and rules.


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Number of registration:  .....................................................



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