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CESA-TV-KANOAcad. year: 2021/2022

Teaching takes place on running water (Svratka river) at the shipyard VUT Brno - Jundrov in summer and winter semester. The length of training lessons is 90 minutes.
During the course the graduate will master and will know:
• principles of canoeing and kayaking safety
• forward stroke, draw and backwordnstrokes and telemark stroke and turning techniques on both the canoe and the kayak;
• basics of canoeing (2.0 hours of standing and slightly streaming water);
• basics of kayaking (9 hours of standing and slightly streaming water);
• practical training in kayaking between slalom gates;
• if interested, sea kayaking and rafting;
• riding on rowing machines (winter preparation, end of winter semester 2 hours and beginning of summer semester. Depends on climatic conditions).
Necessary equipment for teaching canoeing is:
• clothes and water shoes
• the condition is, that the student can swim 200m

Trainings in the winter semester start on the calm water of the Svratka River at the VUT shipyard (Busstop Optátova). And during the semester they will be, for 3 hours, transferred to rowing machines in the Machina Fit Center.

Trainings in the summer semester start on rowing machines in the Machina Fit Center. And during the semester will be moved to the VUT shipyard (Bus stop Optátova).
Garant: Mgr. Svatka Nováková Ph.D,, mobil 732613208

Offered to foreign students

Of all faculties

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Realization in the chosen sports, creating a creation of positive relationship to physical activity, relaxation, compensation of one-sided sedentary load. At the same time, students maintain and improve their physical and mental condition.
The course graduate will gain skills in controlling canoes and kayaks on calm and gently flowing water. And will learn the principles of safety on the water, will master equipment requirements, the hydrology basics from the paddlers point of view and safe organization on the river.


The student is a swimmer (swims at least 200 meters).
Physical education knowledge and skills at the secondary school level.
The course is intended for both, beginners who want to try something new and more experienced paddlers.
No practical kayaking or canoeing skills are required.


Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.


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Planned learning activities and teaching methods

practical and theoretical group lessons at the shipyard
teaching on rowing machines (December 2 hours, February 2 hours)
summer courses and weekend trips to the rivers
Teaching- Moodle
COURSES - extension activity in cooperation with VSK VUT Brno
SPORTS REPRESENTATION - those who are interested in the school's sports representation in the system of university championships have to contact the sports guarantor and can participate in joint training in advanced classes (P) or in specially focused classes with recruitment at the beginning of the semester (V)
TOURNAMENTS AND EVENTS - Christmas games, Sports Day, etc. (suitable for compensation of missed classes)

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Credit on the basis of active participation in teaching, it means regular attendance with registration in the attendance list (2 unexcused participations are allowed). In accordance with Directive No. 17/2019 For the teaching of physical education, the subject is evaluated with one credit.

Language of instruction


Work placements

Not applicable.

Course curriculum

Introduction to the subject of canoeing:
(safety and health measures, credit requirements, content of teaching, literature).
• Safety of movement in water terrain. equipment for canoeing, kayaking and rafting.
• technique on calm and slightly flowing water in the theory.
• Practical skills training in calm water - technique of direct, backward and pulling strike on a canoe
• Practical skills training on gently flowing water - technique of direct, backward and pulling strike on a canoe.
• kayaking technique on smooth and slightly flowing water in the theory
• Practical training of skills on calm water - technique of direct, backward and pulling strike on a kayak.
• Practical training of skills on slightly flowing water - technique of direct, backward and pulling strike on kayak, inflatable canoe and raft
• Part of the course are also optional trips to the rivers Svitava, Jihlava and Svratka.
Departures depend on the water level (discharge of dams), and also the interest of students.
Fees for trips to the river are paid by the student himself (from 300 CZK/person).
• Sea kayaking lessons, not mandatory, at the dam lake (250 CZK/person). Departures depend on the interest of students.
• Rowing machine - movement and principles of riding on a rowing machine, practical training.


Compensation for one-sided sedentary employment, influencing physical fitness and physical performance, health strengthening, deepening knowledge and experience in the field of physical culture

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Regular attendance with registration in the attendance list, 2 unexcused absences are allowed.
Apologies for absences orally in advance directly in class or by email in advance, but no later than 24 hours after the date of class.
Reimbursement of missed and unexcused classes will be always possible in agreement with the teacher directly in the given specialization or in exceptional cases during limited hours at the Machina Fit Center.
The compensation is recorded in the attendance sheet or the teacher issues a written confirmation if the attendance sheet is not available.

Type of course unit


Physical education course

13 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer

Responsibility: Ing. Marek Strakoš