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Indoor cycling - EN

CESA-TV-ICEENAk. rok: 2021/2022

BUT program of IC is organized by licensed instructors who lead the participants through routines that are designed to simulate terrain and situations similar to riding a bike outdoors. Some of the movements and positions include hill climbs, sprints and interval training hat best suites the fitness level and goal of each student. IC program is designed to improve fitness level from beginners to advanced riders.

Find the up to date schedule in the BUT information system.

Z – lessons ONLY for beginners, low fitness level, no experience with stationary exercise bicycles

MIX – mixed fitness level, experience with stationary exercise bike technique
P – advanced in technique with stationary exercise bike (min 1 year), well trained participants able to work in heart rates between 70 – 90 %. It is recommended to go through The Fitness Test (see

S FIT – FIT PROGRAM – lessons for beginners with low fitness level and excess weight, aerobic intensity level with a heart rate of between 60 – 70 % of max.

S FYZIO – FYZIO PROGRAM – lessons designed for developing fitness level and workout (30 minutes of fitness workout plus 60 minutes of indoor cycling exercise to maintain a moderate heart rate)

VČA – free time activities for students and public (please register through on line rezervace, payement - pricelistceníku)

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Hana Lepková a kol. Jak dokonale zvládnout indoorcycling. Grada, Praha 2007. ISBN 978-80-247-1748-7 (CS)

Plánované vzdělávací činnosti a výukové metody

Gaining a solid foundation in the basic techniques and drills is the main goal of the course.
Focus on understanding body positioning of tennis, footwork and basic pedalling mechanics and drills.

Způsob a kritéria hodnocení

Credit- based on active participation in lessons, regular attendance together with registration in the attendance list (two unexcused participations are allowed). One credit is granted in accordance with the Directive No. 17/2019 concerning the teaching of Physical Education.

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Osnovy výuky

1st lesson - Occupational health and safety, training semester plan, credit requirements, supplementary program; wheel setting and basic saddle driving techniques;
2nd - 12th lessons of training and improvement


Indoor cycling, often also called spinning, as an organized activity involves using a special stationary exercise bicycles and a well-trained licensed instructor who uses music and enthusiastic coaching to lead students through their lesson. Also special lessons are organized for participants with low fitness level and excess weight.

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Lessons are held once a week; 12 teaching weeks in the semester; length of exercise lesson is 60 minutes.
It is not possible to replace missed lesson in WS 21/22. (Due to the covid situation, it is not possible to change people in groups).
Things to bring with you
• Towel
• Sport drink bottle
• Trainers (spd cycling trainers are possible)
• It is recommended to go through The Fitness Test (see
You can also participate in follow up activities (workshops, seminaries etc.)

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